Monday, July 25, 2011

More Convention Shares

Hi Stampers!  

I have been told how amazing convention is and have seen pictures but nothing I've been told or saw online comes close to how amazing it really was.

This year's theme was GROW.  The idea was to encourage demonstrators to GROW not just their businesses but in their lives.  I found that so exciting!  As I grow in love and kindness, as a wife, mother, and friend I believe my business will also grow.

This is a picture of me planting a flower and making the commitment to grow.

Main Stage - Shelli

Large monitors so you could see what was happening on stage.

Following the awards night there was a fun after party.  Again you can see the grow theme.  And by the way the desserts were a great reason to be there. :)  I was good though...mostly.

These next pictures are of some of the displays.  I can not even imagine how many man (woman) hours went into creating all of this for us to enjoy.  Again the word I think of is AMAZING!!

My Fun Roomie dressed for her swaps

A sunhat contest...I just loved this bee hive hat.  A great use for the packing material in our clever!

One of the SU employees demonstrating a new product that will be in the holiday mini.  A stamp to use on real cookies.  By the way we had lots of cookies to sample...yum.  

Tomorrow...I want to share some of the display boards, projects and swaps with you.

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