Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Stampin' Up!'s New MDS 2

What could be better then MY DIGITAL STUDIO...MY DIGITAL STUDIO 2!  If you have browsed the new catalog you may have noticed that Stampin' Up! is coming out with new MDS software.

It's going to have lots more features:
  • Design in spreads
  • Create with custom canvas sizes
  • Add more than one color to a stamp image
  • Resize vector stamp images while keeping them crisp
  • See color combination suggestions
  • And much more
The new release was scheduled for late 2012 but it looks like it's going to be sooner!

The thing is...don't wait!  Order My Digital Studio Express now and the upgrade is free as soon as it becomes available. Begin learning and using the program now. Add the Booster Pack for additional software. Not sure if it's for your...then download a FREE 30 Day Trial today.  If you have questions...contact me.

If you already have My Digital Studio you will be able to upgrade for $19.95.

Here's Sara Douglass from Stampin' Up! to tell you all about My Digital Studio 2.

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Above is a sample of the June 12 new digital downloads.  Click Here to view the rest of the new downloads.

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